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Lauren Chew, Founder of Love + Chew

As a vegetarian/vegan of over 14 years, I never believed in preaching my lifestyle to others - I have also been a firm believer in doing what feels right for your own body.

However, through my health journey, I began to realize that I felt my best after eating plant-based, whole foods. In conjunction, I started baking vegan & gluten-free cookies with my stepmom, who adopted a completely plant-based diet several years ago. I created the first version of the Love + Chew cookie in my kitchen based on my stepmom's original recipes and wanted to keep the recipe as simple as possible; with almond flour, almond butter, chocolate chips, baking soda, chia seeds and sweetened mostly with dates.

My goal was not only to create a better-for-you treat, but a mission-driven brand. 

We donate a portion of proceeds to our partner organization called Oasis for Girls, a local San Francisco based nonprofit that provides after-programming and internships for young girls ages 14-18 that come from marginalized and low-income communities. 

My cookies are the perfect post-meal dessert, healthy snack, or even on-the-go breakfast!

Thank you for snacking with me!



the superfood cookie

the superfood cookie