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Unique But Delicious Pea & Mint Ice Cream

Unique But Delicious
Pea & Mint Ice Cream

A new flavor we are offering everyone this April. Don't miss out on this unique but delicious Pea and Mint Ice Cream featuring our all new Pea & Mint Protein Cookie. Easy toppings to upgrade your usual vanilla ice cream favorite. Let us know what you think!



  • Fresh Mint
  • Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 Bag Frozen Peas
  • 1 Love + Chew Pea & Mint Protein Cookie


  1. Scoop your vegan ice cream into a bowl.
  2. Add an entire bag of frozen peas.
  3. Add an entire container of fresh mint.
  4. Crumble your delicious Love + Chew Pea and Mint Cookie into your mixture
  5. Enjoy!