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Vegan Influencers You Should Be Following

Our Favorite Vegan Influencers

For quite some time now, veganism is no longer just a social media trend but rather a popular lifestyle.

Wonder what a vegan lifestyle looks like? Well, vegans eliminate all animal products from their diet and some vegans take it even further and eliminate also non-vegan clothing and all non-vegan beauty products.

The number of vegans worldwide increased significantly over the last couple of years. Whether it's for the environment, the animals, or for health, there are many reasons to go vegan.  

Are you looking to be inspired by the vegan lifestyle? Here’s a list of the top vegan influencers on social media to help inspire you.

1. Shaka Smith from @shakastrong

 Shaka Strong

Shaka is a vegan actor, host, musician, lawyer, and model-based in Los Angeles. With 405k followers on Instagram, he is well known in the vegan community across the country.

On his social media channels, Shaka reviews vegan restaurants, shares his favorite vegan snacks as well useful fitness tips. Click here to follow Shaka on Instagram.

2. Tara Weir from @DrTaraSunshine 

 Dr. Tara Sunshine

Tara is a mother, doctor, and blogger based in Canada. At Love + Chew we discovered her through one of her beautiful plant-based smoothie bowl recipe posts on Instagram.

She loves traveling, staying active, and creating new recipes. If you're looking for delicious and healthy plant-focused meal inspo, you need to follow her on Instagram asap at @DrTaraSunshine.

3. Diana Edelman from @vegansbaby


Diana is a vegan food blogger based out of Las Vegas who is dedicated to making vegan life easier and vegan dining more approachable.

She is known for her online guides to vegan dining in Las Vegas and other cities around the world that will make you drool. Be sure to follow her at @vegansbaby.

4. Rebecca from @veganbodegacat


Rebecca is a vegan food blogger based in New York. She is mostly known for her Instagram account and YouTube channel Vegan Bodegacat where she shares vegan restaurant reviews, affordable dining and "what I eat in a week".

She is passionate about encouraging people to be their true selves and spreading practical vegan eating and down-to-earth environmentalism.

5. Vegan Airline Pilot @theveggiepilot


Looking for on-the-go vegan meal inspiration? Follow Matt from @theveggiepilot as he shares his tips for maintaining a vegan diet away from home.

Matt is a vegan pilot who has been featured on Metro U.K., P.E.T.A, and VegNews Magazine. He is also really passionate about fundraising for animals and hosts donations on his website.

6. Gina Frattini from @themothermoon


Do you have kids and are you raising them vegan? Follow @themothermoon for delicious meal ideas that your little ones will enjoy! But that's not all, Gina documents her life as a vegan mom of seven helping you feel less left alone on your own journey as a plant-based mom. 

7. The Whole Foods Vegan @thewholefoodsvegan

It doesn't get more practical than that...Follow @thewholefoodsvegan for all the vegan products at Whole Foods you need to add to your vegan grocery list. From dressings to frozen foods and desserts, this Instagram account covers everything that needs to go into a vegan pantry.

8. Minimalist Baker @minimalistbaker

Are you looking to cook more but plant-based? You must follow Minimalist Baker who celebrates simple cooking by sharing recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, only 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. Most of their recipes are plant-based and new recipes (savory & sweet) come out every three days. 

9. Miyoko Schinner from @miyokoschinner

Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko Schinner is the founder of Miyoko's Creamery, a vegan cheese company, and also runs Rancho Compasion, an animal sanctuary, where she rescues farm animals.

Follow Miyoko to get inspiration about the vegan lifestyle and how you can help set an end to cruelty to animals and climate change.

10. Linda & Alex from @veganosity


Sometimes, all you need is cozy comfort food which can be difficult as a vegan - especially as a beginner. But no worries, @veganosity can help.

The mother/daughter who shares the most delicious vegan comfort food recipes out of the midwest. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of vegan comfort food inspo.

11. Joanne Molinaro from @thekoreanvegan

The vegan korean

Joanne is a NY Times bestselling author and vegan recipe creator with 624k followers on Instagram. She veganizes Korean recipes you need to try. Follow Joanne at @thekoreanvegan.

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