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Vegan Hacks To Eating Out

Dining out as a vegan can be frustrating. Many restaurants don't have vegan options and sometimes the staff doesn't even know what veganism is. Let us help put your mind at ease with the tips below.

    1. Find a restaurant with vegan options: Browse online or use the HappyCow App to find vegan meals near you. Another great way to find vegan restaurants is to ask your vegan friends or local vegan influencers for recommendations. 
    2. Pick vegan-friendly cuisines: Did you know that Thai, Indian, and Chinese have plenty of vegan choices? 
    3. Check out the menu online. Be sure to look up the restaurant menu online or call to check if there are going to be vegan options.
    4. Make special requests. If you can't find any vegan meal on the menu, simply ask the staff to serve the dish without the animal product that's inside. It's okay to ask!
    5. Have dinner with a vegan. Sometimes it's just so much easier to go out and have dinner with another vegan... Don't know a vegan? Check out the Vegpal App, a vegan friendship and dating app.

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