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Thinking about going Vegan?

Thinking about going vegan but worried your future starts and ends with the basic fruits and vegetables? Fear not! There’s tons of substitutes out there capable of tricking your brain into enjoying healthier options. See below for our vegan hacks!

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If you’re concerned about losing the cheesy flavor - this ingredient is a must have in your kitchen cabinet! A mere ¼ cup packs several B vitamins, fiber, zinc and most importantly; protein. Giving up meat and dairy means finding other solutions to taking in the sufficient amount of protein to help your body function properly.

Add to: vegan eggs, popcorn, mashed potatoes, soup, zoodles, tofu, steamed kale, sauces


Who wants to give up dessert? No one. The good news is there’s endless amounts of vegan ice cream recipes out there. Most are also gluten-free, paleo, raw, and fat free! Being banana based, this treat provides the intake of potassium, vitamins A and C, plus the nutrients of whatever you decide to add.

Additional Ingredients: more fruit, chia/hemp seeds, pistachio butter, almond, butter, peppermint extract, coconut flakes, dark (vegan) chocolate chips, healthy oreos, Date Lady date syrup, Hey Boo Coconut Caramel Sauce, crumbled Love + Chew's Cookies.


Summer isn’t the same without it! Face it, trying veggie meat for the first time can be...interesting. If you’re not sure you can get on board after the first couple of bites - try adding a smoke flavor enhancer! Colgin’s Liquid Smoke is all-natural with zero grams of fat and no calories.

Brush on: veggie bacon, veggie burgers, tofu, portobello mushrooms, seitan, tempeh

Mix in: baked beans, soups

Spiral zucchini noodles called zoodles


A vegan and gluten-free way to switch out hardy pasta dishes for a healthier, plant-based option. Eating a sizeable portion of zucchini noodles not only adds to your daily protein intake, but the fiber they contain will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Starve not!

Add your favorite pasta mixings: olive oil, steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, olives, peppers

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