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Vegan Influencers You Should Be Following

Are you looking to be inspired by the vegan lifestyle? Here’s a list of the top vegan influencers on social media to help inspire you.

Behind Our Brand with Lauren

We are wrapping up our series of interviews for National Women's Month with our Founder- Lauren Chew.

From Accountant to Food Entrepreneur

Bonnie Lau talks about her journey from being an accountant to starting her own food company. We really hope that you admire Bonnie's honesty, work ethic, and love for her business as much as we do.

Raising Autism Awareness with Jennifer Wiese

BeeFree is a delicious gluten-free snack mix company, made with simple and clean ingredients. Jennifer Wiese is an amazing entrepreneur and mother with an inspiring story behind her brand - we can't wait to share it with you! Jennifer also shares some of her tips on how to manage a busy schedule...

Building a Brand with Guili Glassman

We had the privilege of interviewing Guili Glassman, the founder and owner of Alma Superfoods. Alma Superfoods creates delicious sweet and savory nut butters with a Latin flare! Since March is National Women's month, what better time to showcase other female entrepreneurs who inspire us. For more boss babe inspiration,...

Anu Menon and Oasis for Girls

The holidays are right around the corner and we're doing more than coming out with our limited edition Peppermint Cacao Chip cookie... We will be donating 5% of those sales to Oasis for Girls, an SF-based non-profit that we have had the pleasure to be working with these past few...

Profiles with Ivy Yu

As you may or may not know, the Love + Chew team is a small female-owned company based in San Francisco. We've spent most of this year highlighting some amazing women, but I think it's time to introduce you to the team. First up: our graphic design intern, Ivy Yu! CE:...

Self-Care Talk with Blogger Ani Chivchyan

For our fourth installment of Profiles, we met with Ani Chivchyan! Based here in San Francisco, you may know her as the blogger and poet behind @YoursTrulyAni. We got to talk about poetry, self-care, and life itself! For more interviews with woman that inspire us, click here!  CE: Can you tell us...

Female Entrepreneur and Vegan- Mimi Kirk

 We sat down to chat with Mimi Kirk. Based in San Diego, she is a raw food chef and author of numerous books such as Raw-Vitalize and Live Raw Around the World. We were able to chat about building a personal brand, raw veganism, and being a female entrepreneur.  

Workout Tips with Iman Karram

Here at Love + Chew, we wanted to celebrate women who are doing things differently in their respected fields whether they are entrepreneurs, influencers, chefs or scientists. For our first blog post of Profiles, we sat down with Iman Karram, who is not only an instructor at LA’s buzziest workout...