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Love + Chew Cookies are the Best Carbs After Workouts!

Carbs Pre and Post-Workout. Post-workout refueling is also an essential component of the process. Here are the Best Carbs After Workouts!

Vegan Hacks To Eating Out

Dining out as a vegan can be frustrating. Many restaurants don't have vegan options and sometimes the staff doesn't even know what veganism is. Let us help put your mind at ease with the tips below. Find a restaurant with vegan options: Browse online or use the HappyCow App to find vegan meals near you. Another great way...

Why Is Nutritional Yeast Good for You?

Did you know that nutritional yeast is a vegan hack to add a ‚Äúcheesy‚ÄĚ flavor to sauces, snacks, pastas, etc, is a complete protein and a good source of B vitamins?

Kristin's Favorite Vegan Snacks

Kristin's Favorite Vegan Snacks Looking for some Veganuary ideas for snacks? We turned to our Operations Manager, Kristin, for some ideas.¬† TBH¬†Hazelnut Spread¬†- Launched by ‚ÄúStranger things‚ÄĚ actor Noah Schnapp, TBH is a cleaner, palm-oil free hazelnut spread that is a healthier alternative to Nutella. Tips: eat with chopped apples,...

Supplements You Need on a Vegan Diet

What supplement do you need on a vegan diet? Check out 4 crucial nutrients you should consider supplementing.

7 Healthy and Easy Back to School Snacks

As summer winds down and the days start getting shorter again, the inevitable preparation for another school year begins. While picking out notebooks and pencils, don’t forget to prepare for another school year essential- snacks! Here are some ideas for simple and healthy back to school snacks to keep you...

Thinking about going Vegan?

Thinking about going vegan but worried your future starts and ends with the basic fruits and vegetables? Fear not! There’s tons of substitutes out there capable of tricking your brain into enjoying healthier options. See below for our vegan hacks! For more vegan recipe ideas, check this out! NUTRITIONAL YEAST...