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5 Tips for Beginning a Vegan Lifestyle

Odds are you've heard of the vegan diet or veganism. Being Vegan was once an obscure niche diet that people heard about, but in recent years the trend to embrace this lifestyle has grown. This diet may feel complicated or very restrictive for a beginner, but with a few basic practices...

Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Mind-Body Wellness

As we celebrate the International Mind-Body Wellness Day, here are Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Mind-Body Wellness.

Love + Chew Holiday Gift Guide

It's already time to start this year's Holiday gift shopping! We picked some of our favorite products that are perfect for the season and will be sure to put a smile on the faces of your friends and family!

Horoscopes and Cookies: Love + Chew Has the Perfect Cookies for your Zodiac Sign! 

For as long as people have gazed upward into the night sky, the stars have been of great interest. They are a powerful presence that has been with humanity for ages. Astrological signs served as a reminder that we are part of the universe, and they are still with us...

International Women's Day 2022: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

March is International Women's Month. This year's winners have advanced gender balance in society, the arts, and politics. Diverse organizations and groups from around the world work together to inspire and empower women.

NFTs Explained: Why You Should Know About Non-Fungible Tokens

Due to the fact that an NFT gives the purchaser ownership of the original item. The authentication is also evidence of ownership because it's already built into the system. Those "digital bragging rights" are more valuable to collectors than the actual thing itself.

NFTs Explained: What you can do with NFTs and how you can buy/sell them

Learn what you can do with NFTs and when and how to buy and sell non-fungible tokens.

What is My Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope

Some say that the 12 Chinese zodiac animals are simplified from the 28 animals that represent 28 constellations in ancient Chinese astrology, while others claim that the zodiac's association with Jupiter's revolution period is simply 12 years. The one that is used the most is a totem saying that comes...

Vegan Skincare: What is it and why does it matter?

Vegan skincare is not only better for your skin but also for the environment.

Lauren's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You know it's Valentine's Day when you see this list of adorable gifts! :) Whatever your loved one's favorite things are, there's a gift out there for them.

Vegan Influencers You Should Be Following

Are you looking to be inspired by the vegan lifestyle? Here’s a list of the top vegan influencers on social media to help inspire you.

We're making it our mission

At Love + Chew our mission is to bake clean label and indulgent treats entirely from plant-based ingredients.