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Yogic Breathing Techniques

Many of us have not tried yoga, might think it is a trend, or are too intimidated to try. Yoga is an amazing source of self confidence and awareness, relaxation, strength, even immune support… The best part is- you can do all of these things at home. Breathing techniques are...

Mindfulness Meditation

If you’ve been feeling a little unfocused or passive lately, you’re definitely not alone! With almost a year in quarantine, we’ve all been trying to find the best in our day to day. Meditation is the perfect way to reinforce your intentions. Source Haven’t tried mediation before? You’ll love the...

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A curation of stocking stuffers from BIPOC and female-owned brands! From snacks, to skincare, and even fashion- we've got you covered! Find deals and coupon codes for new brands you'll want to try this holiday season.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

10 Holiday crafts for kids of all ages. Up-cycle, materials from around the house, inexpensive crafts.

How to Give Back and Celebrate Thanksgiving While Staying Safe

From our neighbors, friends and family, to those who need the most support now- this holiday season will require all hands on deck for all of our communities. Being able to fulfill our usual holiday celebrations and gatherings won’t be as straightforward, especially for those in circumstances where loved ones...

Candy-Conscious for Halloween

During October, I know most of us are building excitement for Halloween decorations and the heaps of candy and sweets! In a year that's provided so many obstacles and uncertainty- what if I told you that there are treats out there that you and your kids will be able to...

Study Tips for Parents and Children

As summer break comes to an end and the little ones (or not-so-little-anymore) head back to school, it is essential for both parents and kids to brush up on study habits. Simple tips can create a mountain of change for some, so we wanted to spread some bits of knowledge....

Homeschooling Tips for Parents

Most parents expected their kids to be at camps, occupied, or just generally outside of the house for the summer. The unexpected pandemic created obstacles for a lot of us, especially working parents of school-age children. Now, many of you are trying to create a sufficient learning space for your...

Must-See National Parks

Planning your summer trips? Here are a few must-see National Parks that you wont want to miss.

Female Wellness Influencers You Need to Follow

Ten Black Female Wellness Influencers You Need to Follow.

Black-Owned Vegan Businesses You Can Support

Black-Owned Vegan Businesses You Can Support 🌱

Celebrating Pride Month Virtually

Quarantine can't rain on Pride month! Check out all of the ways you can virtually celebrate.