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Supplements You Need on a Vegan Diet

Even though there are many contradictions on whether or not vegans should be supplementing, it's important to consider supplementing the following nutrients. 

 Vegan bowl by Brooke Lark

1. B12 - B12 is not found outside of dairy or meat products, which is challenging for vegans and Veganuary participants. You can get B12 from fortified milks, nutritional yeast, and milks, but we recommend using a supplement as well. Low B12 can lead to anemia. We like MaryRuth’s D3+B12 gummies, which contain 250mcg of B12 per serving. 

2. Iron - Women are more likely than men to be iron deficient as they age and when you throw in a plant-based diet during Veganuary, an iron supplement is important to consider. We recommend Slow Fe Iron Supplement for women (45 mg) and Thorne for men (25 mg).

    • Adult vegan men age 19-50: 16mg
    • Adult vegan women age 19-50: 36mg
    • All adult vegans age 51 and older: 16mg


3. Iodine - Iodine can be found in regular table salt, or seaweed, but if you are not consuming either then you should consider looking at adding a supplement during Veganuary. Iodine helps with thyroid function and the recommended daily intake is 150mcg for both men and women. 


4. Vitamin D - You can get vitamin d through direct sunlight, fortified milks or supplements. It helps your bones absorb calcium and helps with immune function. Since Veganuary is in January, there is likely not a lot of sunlight. Try to get at least 600 iU per day.

We recommend Pure & Essential Vegan Vitamin D, which is 1000 iU and completely plant-based.

We believe that a plant-based diet can be extremely beneficial but if not done properly can lack nutrients. We encourage you to do your own research, and supplement as needed!

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