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Study Tips for Parents and Children

As summer break comes to an end and the little ones (or not-so-little-anymore) head back to school, it is essential for both parents and kids to brush up on study habits. Simple tips can create a mountain of change for some, so we wanted to spread some bits of knowledge. This is for both parents and the kids who need a small review to make studying effective!

Study Desk
Image Credit: @pop.studygram


For Parents:

Develop a reward system

  • Instill work habits and quality awareness.
  • Small rewards can create huge positive outcomes.
  • Avoid certain distractions
  • Don’t distract your kid by completely eliminating the environment.
  • No TV, but studies show depending on their learning styles, many kids work better with the radio or music playing.

Check in with your kids

  • Check for signs of frustration.
  • Ask them how they are doing and what progress they’ve made.
  • Ask how they think they did after big milestones/projects/exams

For the kids:

 Practice for tests!

  • Use different study methods to engage different parts of the brain.
  • Even if you think you know it, review it.

Planners and notes are your best friend

  • Develop time awareness and allocation skills.
  • Give time limits
  • Focus on taking detailed notes in ways you can understand.

Strengths and weaknesses

  • Be familiar with your boundaries and let them guide your studying and prioritization.

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