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Stress Less Superfood Smoothie

Wondering why we called this fun smoothie "Stress Less"? Let us explain how this smoothie will make you chill!😜

  • The bananas in this smoothie are high in potassium which helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Goldmine's adaptogen powder consisting of 6 herbs supports energy, stress management, enhanced focus, and immunity boost (Use code DRINK20 for 20% off on their website).
  • Spirulina is high in iron and may help combat iron deficiency which can cause anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.
  •  Matcha is abundant in L-theanine. This unique amino acid continues to be proven to reduce stress responses and symptoms of anxiety.

What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Stress Less Superfood Smoothie

PREP TIME - 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME - 10 minutes

1 serving


Blue Spirulina Smoothie

    Green Matcha Smoothie


    1. Blend each smoothie and pur into a cup.

    2. Top with a L+C Banana Bread Superfood Cookie and enjoy!


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