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Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

Who said you have to leave the house for a date? Here are some creative ways for couples to enjoy a stay-at-home date.

Whether you have kids, hectic schedules, you're looking to save money, or maybe you just don't feel like leaving the comfort of your own home- try one of these date ideas and tag us on Instagram, we'd love to see! 

Stay-at-home date night 

1. Create a "movie theater" experience in your living room and have a movie marathon 🎥

2. Have a homemade pizza night 🍕

3. Pack your favorite food and go on a picnic outside, or even in your own backyard ☀️

4. Break out the board games and cards 🎲

5. Make a craft or DIY project together 🎨

6. Make s'mores and "camp" indoors 🏕️

7. Take a personality of love language test 💌

8. Try out partner yoga poses 🧘

9. Have a karaoke night 🎤

10. Create a scrapbook or photo album 🖼️


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