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Protein-Packed Ice Cream Sandwich

Protein-Packed Ice Cream Sandwich

This is not your average post- workout treat! @DanisHealthyEats is a holistic nutritionist and nut butter enthusiast. To feed those muscles and get the most out of your work out, try out Dani's recipe for a protein-packed ice cream sandwich!

Protein-Packed Ice Cream Sandwich

PREP TIME - 1 hour 30 minutes
TOTAL TIME - 1 hour 30 minutes




1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until thick & creamy but make sure not to over blend.

2. Pour into a greased pan (better if the pan has been sitting in the freezer for a little).

3. Mix every 30 min or so to make sure it doesn’t become icy.

4. Allow to thaw for 15min or so before enjoying!

5. Sandwich the protein ice cream between two Love + Chew cookies, roll in cacao nibs, and drizzle with @legendaryfoods nut butter.

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