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Workout Tips with Iman Karram

Here at Love + Chew, we wanted to celebrate women who are doing things differently in their respected fields whether they are entrepreneurs, influencers, chefs or scientists. For our first blog post of Profiles, we sat down with Iman Karram, who is not only an instructor at LA’s buzziest workout series (beloved by celebs such as Jennifer Aniston!), but she’s an actress, model and all around awesome #bossbabe.

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CE: Aside from the versaclimber, what sets Rise Nation apart from other group workout studios? 

Iman Ziad KarramIman: Aside from being the first versaclimber studio and being the creator of the 30-minute workout on a versaclimber, Rise Nation is unique in its format, atmosphere and wide demographic. The great thing about the climber is that it’s 0% impact. The movement that we do on the climber is primal and instinctual to the body, so when that is paired with our intense 30-minute workout, Rise Nation invites, attracts and challenges the entire spectrum of those who are looking to better their health through cardio.

For example, we have clients who are in their 60s who have finally found a workout that they can take at their own pace and is easy on the joints, all the way to professional athletes who view Rise Nation as the ultimate stamina and endurance test.

CE: Many celebs are noted to take classes at RN. Do you have any fun stories to share?

Iman: It is true that Rise Nation attracts an exciting clientele, including actors, models, recording artists and professional athletes. Hmmm… there are so many fun memories with all of my clients!

"...but I have to say, a highlight for me is when after taking my class, LeBron James said that I killed him... I will never forget that; coming from him there is no greater compliment!"

CE: Sometimes you teach 3 classes back to back to back! How do you stay energized? Do you have a go-to, energy-boosting snack?

Iman: In order to stay energized and make it through back to back classes, I know the key is staying hydrated. I have these awesome hydration multiplier packs that I put in my water that boosts my electrolyte intake. They really help!

Iman Karram

CE: Since some of your classes start as early as 5:15 AM, what’s your morning routine like?

Iman: On Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have a 5:15am and 6:00am class, I am in bed by 10:15pm at the latest and make sure my playlists are completely ready for the next morning. I wake up to a first alarm at 4:00am and a second alarm at 4:10am. After getting dressed and ready for class, I make my strong coffee and a hydration drink and head out, listening to my playlists for my classes on the way.

CE: Because you’re so active, are you able to eat whatever you want? What does a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner look like?

Iman: Hahaha! Even though I workout all the time, I still can’t eat whatever I want….all the time. However, now because I am so active, I don’t have the same kind of cravings I had when I was younger. I’m more attracted to foods that I know will help me perform at the level I need to.

For example, for breakfast I usually have eggs with turkey sausage or a Quest bar or oatmeal. For lunch, I usually have a huge salad with a protein or a poke bowl and for dinner I love salmon, sweet potatoes, cauliflower risotto, and avocados, just to name a few things. But, at least once every two weeks I eat my bodyweight in tortilla chips and salsa. So, I know all the cardio helps that for sure!!!

CE: You’re also an actress and model! What’s your favorite aspect of your career?

Iman: I am! Acting has always been my passion for as long as I can remember. I feel so fortunate to have a family that moved out here to LA to support me as I chase my dream.

"I love telling emotional stories that move and connect with people or provides them some sort of escape. In the end, films bring us all closer together and helps bring an understanding of the human experience."

CE: Where’s your go-to spot in LA?

Iman: My ultimate go-to spot in LA, especially after I teach, is the best coffee shop in LA called Smith and Tait (I will argue that Smith and Tait has the best coffee in this city with anyone…). I get their iced, turmeric latte with oat milk; it is life changing.

CE: What is your guilty pleasure? It can be anything!

Iman: My guilty pleasure is eating a box of Mike and Ike’s and Redvines while watching either Love Actually or any Harry Potter film.

CE: What’s your favorite song on your RN’s class playlist?

Iman: My favorite Rise song changes all the time, but right now I have to say, “Going Bad” by Drake or “Take It Away” by RL Grime!!

CE: What do you think about when you’re alone in your car, stuck in LA traffic?

Iman: A lot of times when I’m in my car, I’m either listening to music that I might use for Rise Nation classes or audiobooks. Right now, I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”.

CE: If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?

Iman: This is an easy one! J.K. Rowling!! She and Harry Potter played such an important role in my childhood. It was when my mom read the first Harry Potter book to me, that I first experienced storytelling that took me to another world. I even decided to study Latin throughout school so I could understand the origins of the spells because of her! To me, she is a magical creature herself!


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