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Plants and Stress Relief Guide

Happy International Plant Appreciation Day! Plants fuel us, provide us daily resources, help us relax, filter our air, and the list goes on! In woo of this Friday also being National Stress Relief Day, we wanted to honor plants while giving you some tips on relieving your anxiety and stress.

Now more than ever we are spending time indoors and looking at screens, and plants can be a cost effective or even free solution. From resolving attention fatigue to restoring positive ions and increasing your mood, plants help us thrive and have a direct positive effect on our lives. 

Having trouble concentrating?

    • Take a 5 minute break to tend to your plants by watering them, having a chat about your day to give them some CO2, and wiping off excess dust so they can perform photosynthesis properly.

Feeling a bit low energy?

    • Studies show just staring at your plants can cause an uplift in dopamine levels. The bright colors help stimulate your mind and might even trick you into thinking you’re having a workday amongst the trees and critters.
    • Going for a barefoot walk in grass might not be everybody’s ideal choice, but this will help you get rid of negative ions and exchange them for positive ones.
    • Getting a breath of fresh air, especially in an area where there are a lot of trees, can boost your oxygen levels. This ultimately heightens your awareness, cognitive function, and energy levels!


Feeling a creative block?

    • Spending time outside has shown a huge increase in redirecting attention needed to create.
    • Creative people/professionals can tend to have a hard time focusing. Being surrounded by serene, calming settings has a direct correlation with focus and creating. A sound mind can create without fear!

Want to boost morale?

    • Plants can be a cheap and fun way to stir up some positive vibes in your workplace/office.
    • Giving people their own personal plants for their desk can brighten the mood and help them feel more at home.
    • Decorating with plants is proven to increase productivity by around 15%.

Looking for memory solutions?

    • Just like meditating, going outside helps your mind reset, retain information, and even pay attention longer.
    • Believe it or not, whether you go outside on a sunny day or an extremely cold winter day, you will receive the same memory boosting effects. Students in a University of Michigan study found that their memory was heightened by 20% after taking walks any time of the year.

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