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Our Favorite Live Exercise Classes

By Lauren Chew & Contributed by Nicole Wilke

After 2+ plus weeks of being stuck inside (but who’s counting?!), it’s now more important than ever to keep our bodies moving.  I’ve curated a list of my favorite instructors who are teaching via Zoom or IG Live- it’s a win-win, support a local fitness teacher and get your body moving on a schedule! Plus, all of these classes are from the comfort of your own home - no commuting time here. 

All of these teachers are asking for a donation, but if your finances don’t permit, then they will definitely be able to accommodate you.  Let’s get strong together! DM me @LoveandChewBrands and let me know which class you took.  💪💪

1. Sara Silberstang- Sara teaches almost every morning and evening and her 45 minute yoga flow classes will get you sweating!  She also added a weekend restorative yoga class if slowing down is more your style. Plus she has the best playlist! Once we get back to normal, her Thursday yoga classes with wine afterwards are the best. 

@Sarasilberstang: Classes are every day at 8am and 6pm, except for Wednesdays. Sign up here

sara silberstang

2. Ariana Parvin- Ariana is a SF-based personal trainer and owner of Ariana’s Energy Bites.  She does a Friday lunch 30 minute core class, and let me tell you it’s killer! Talk about burning the maximum amount of calories in a short period of time.  I can’t wait until the next one!

@Ariana_energy: You can email Ariana here to sign up!



3. Lauren Ashley- If IG live is more your speed and you can’t commit to a specific time, check out @LifewithLaurenAshley. She has all the tips about form and will get you moving! Of course we are loving her hashtag #LegsbyLauren. 


4. Peter Walters- If you haven’t taken a Zoom yoga class with 200 other people, then you haven’t been living! Peter teaches Bhakti Flow, a style of yoga that is so much fun and reminds me of the days I used to attend Rusty Well’s Bhakti Flow classes years ago. 

@PeterWaltersYoga: Classes are every other day, sign up here.



5. Kyle Georgina Pilates- I don’t know about you, but I’ve really missed going to pilates and hopping on that reformer.  Kyle is Brooklyn-based and teaches a home mat pilates class via IG Live. It was a solid core work out!

@KyleGeorgiaPilates: Classes are every day at Tues/Thursday at 12:30pm. Sign up here.


6. Silvie Hibdon- Silvie is another fantastic SF-based yoga teacher who normally teaches at Yoga Tree and YogaWorks.  I took her Zoom class a couple weeks ago and loved it! 

@SilvieHibdon: Classes are M/W 6pm, T/Th 5:30pm and Sat 10am. Sign up here.


7. Barry's Bootcamp- Barry's HITT style workouts via IG live are killer and they require no equipment. 

@Barrys: Classes are every Mon-Fri at 9:00am and instructors are announced the day before on IG. 


8. Core 40 Pilates- Lagree pilates classes are great for toning and strengthening, you'll definitely feel this workout the next day. 

@Core40: Classes are offered every Mon-Fri at 9:00am. 

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