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Homeschooling Tips for Parents

Most parents expected their kids to be at camps, occupied, or just generally outside of the house for the summer. The unexpected pandemic created obstacles for a lot of us, especially working parents of school-age children. Now, many of you are trying to create a sufficient learning space for your young ones. This has been made especially difficult in these circumstances. Hardworking parents also need to meet their wellness needs and prioritize their sanity!

Study Station
Study Organization

Image credits: @eileenchappell and @Swaggers.Gather

So… here are a few tips for those parents who are still navigating homeschooling:


Always keep your child’s preferences, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses in mind. 

  • What type environment does your child best work in? 
  • What are their preferred learning styles? Who/what do they work best with?

Create Boundaries!

  • Make sure they aren't working too long to ensure focus. Monitor their progress on projects so they don't allocate too much time to a single one.

Create healthy habits while maintaining variety.

  • Regularity is a strong tool: scheduling, lesson plans, content consistency, cleaning up after work is done.

Make sure to include passion projects!

  • Encourage your kids to discover and explore interests. Even if it is video games, they should take this time to do what they love.

Find Support.

  • If you need it, reach out to other parents and support each other. It takes a village!

Don’t overwork yourself as a teacher and parent!

  • Education is a priority but not if it is going to cause distress for you and your kids. Putting on a movie every now and then is ok!


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