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Grilled Banana and Cookie Crumble

Grilled Banana and Cookie Crumble

This easy, quick, and sweet dish courtesy of Jennifer Fisher (@thefitfork). This creation is fantastic for a post-workout snack using our Banana Bread Cookies as a topping to complete the dish. Our cookies can help you meet your nutritional goals after exercise, providing 7 grams of protein! The Grilled Banana Cookie Crumble can also be a minimalistic dessert using natural, readily available, and unprocessed ingredients. It can be made by people of all skill levels, even with your little ones for a simple cooking lesson. We love recipes that highlight each ingredient without overshadowing their flavors, allowing you to savor each bite!

Grilled Banana and Cookie Crumble
Grilled Banana and Cookie Crumble

Prep Time - 5 minutes
Total Time - 10 minutes

1 serving



1. Heat grill or indoor grill pan. Slice banana in half, spray lightly with coconut oil spray and sprinkle with cinnamon.

2. Place cut-side down on grill and cook for about 4 minutes or until sugars are caramelizing and grate marks searing in.

3. Transfer to plate.

4. Drizzle with date syrup (or maple syrup or honey) and dollop on fresh creamy substance of choice (dairy cream, coconut cream, or even ice cream or yogurt).

5. Sprinkle with walnuts and a chopped up Banana Bread Cookie


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