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Fun At-Home Spring Activities

We've come up with a few fun and easy to-do activities you can do with your kids, friends, and family this Spring all from your house. Things may be different than normal this year, but that means you can start some new traditions!

Let us know on Instagram if you try any of these ideas, we'd love to see.

At-home Spring activities
At-home Spring activities

1. Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the backyard or near by park

2. Egg and Spoon races! We say winners should always get cookies 🍪

3. Have everyone help out in the kitchen to create a delicious brunch

4. Hide candy filled eggs throughout your house and backyard for a scavenger hunt

5. Take a family walk or hike and enjoy quality time outside 

6. DIY homemade treats, bath bombs, and scrapbooks

7. Backyard camping 

8. Plant a tree, seeds, or flowers 

9. Have a themed dinner party

10. Take a family photo to commemorate! 

Have fun and stay healthy 💛


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