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Building a Brand with Guili Glassman

We had the privilege of interviewing Guili Glassman, the founder and owner of Alma Superfoods.

Alma Superfoods creates delicious sweet and savory nut butters with a Latin flare! Since March is National Women's month, what better time to showcase other female entrepreneurs who inspire us.

For more boss babe inspiration, click here! We hope you enjoy our interview with Guili. 

CE:How did the Idea of Alma Superfoods come to be?

Guili: Since I was a child breakfast was always an important part of my morning and my mom made sure I never skipped it. At university with early classes my time for breakfast was reduced and I was always taking a piece of toast with some kind of spread on top, whether jam, avocado, cheese, or just butter.  When I moved to CA, I was introduced to almond butter and I loved it. At the same time I was also missing flavors from home, and I thought it must be possible to bring these things together. That’s why we say that our nut butters are “infused with Latin soul!”

CE: What is your favorite way to use your product? 

Guili: At breakfast, my favorite way to use our sweet nut butters is just on a piece of toast. The savory flavors are great with avocado or eggs. For a mid-day snack, I love to eat them with fruit or veggies. 

CE: How has showcasing Latin Flavors through your products been a reflection of your background? 

Guili: It’s directly connecting with who I am. I grew up in the Peruvian Andes near majestic Machu Picchu. My love for cooking comes from my mom. She used to be a professional chef in our hometown in Peru. Since I was a child, I loved cooking with her and always helped her to run her popular catering business in my hometown Cusco. She always told me “food unites and is the best expression of love.”

During all these years, it was always in my mind to bring something from my heritage to the community. Furthermore I missed the flavors from home. That’s why I decided to start a business by recreating artisanal food with flavors from Latin America.

"My love for cooking comes from my mom, She always told me ‘food unites and is the best expression of love’."

My company is also an “homenaje” (“homage”) to my mom, who passed away after a long battle with stomach cancer. I launched Alma on June 13, 2016, the day that would have been her birthday.

CE: Love + Chew is also a woman-owned business, can you share some words of encouragement to other women who are looking to start a business?

Guili: Continue doing what you love, always be brave, and listen to your gut because usually that is what is right. Going through this journey remember to be good to yourself in order to be your best with others. 

CE: What are you looking forward to the most in 2020?

Guili: I’m excited to continue growing and expanding in the California area, and potentially expanding our product line!Furthermore continue this everyday learning journey and meeting other great and inspiring entrepreneurs. 

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