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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Parents are innovators when it comes to keeping their kids entertained. This holiday season will be one unlike any other: more time together, less options for travel, and a huge need for creativity and outlets to express ourselves. That is how we all stay sane nowadays right? 

Many kids won’t be getting the opportunity to be doing their normal holiday crafts in class, and we’re here to ensure they get the full experience! Some of my fondest memories were hiding my projects behind my back and presenting them with overflowing pride to my parents when they picked me up from school. Most of the supplies can be found at home or with a quick trip to the craft store.

Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Age level: All, but for small kids

  • Materials: Paper plates (thin ones that are matte so you can paint on them), acrylic non-toxic paint, paint brushes, glue, staples or tape. Optional: pom poms, stickers glitter, pictures, yellow paper star cutout, other things to decorate the tree with.
Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Hand Cutout Christmas Tree

Age level: all, parents and children family craft

  • Materials: Paper (green, yellow, brown), pencil, scissors, glue/tape/stapler. Optional: pom poms, stickers glitter, pictures, yellow paper star cutout, other things to decorate the tree with.
Paper Hand Christmas Tree

Felt Candy Ornaments

Age level: 7+, some supervision and prep needed.

  • Materials: Various colors of felt cut into 1” thick strips, glue gun and sticks, lollipop sticks (cut to preferred length), embroidery string/yarn and needle. Optional: ribbon, glitter, permanent markers.
Felt Candy

Glow in the dark Snow Globe

Age level: All, some supervision and prep needed

  • Materials: Clean mason jar with water-tight lid, tonic water with quinine and carbonation removed (this can be found in stores or on amazon), blacklight, white craft foam, orange and black permanent markers, hot glue gun. Optional: glitter, glycerin.
Glow in the Dark Snowglobe

Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Age level: 7+, some supervision needed

  • Materials: Mason jar lid rings, twin (jute or cotton), festive ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, embroidery string or yarn. Optional: Glitter, stickers, craft jewels.

Reindeer Applesauce Cups

Age level: All, some supervision needed.

  • Materials: Apple Sauce cups, pipe cleaners (brown or gold), googly eyes, pom poms or small bells (for nose), hot glue gun.
Apple Sauce Reindeer

Christmas Light Sun Catchers

Age level: All

  • Materials: Contact paper (also found as vinyl book protector), colored tissue paper, scissors, permanent marker, tape.
Light Catchers

Craft Paper String Lights Banner

Age level: 3+, some prep needed.

  • Materials: Twine/yarn, colored craft paper, scissors, hole punch, stapler or tape
String Lights

Printable color-in Stockings

Age level: All, some prep needed

  • Materials: Colored pencils/markers/crayons, scissors, yarn, printed stocking graphic.

Sock Snowman

Age level: All, some prep needed

  • Materials: White socks, rice, black and orange felt, hot glue gun, 1-inch white pom poms, clear elastics or white string/yarn, googly eyes.
Sock Snowman

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