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Banana Bread Sundae

Banana Bread Sundae with Berra Bites

This weekend is the National Gift Basket Convention in Phoenix, AZ! Find us and Berra Bites! We're super excited to share our cookies, discover new brands, learn from the different workshops and classes, and make new friends.

We were so excited that we decided to make an ice cream sundae with our new Banana Bread cookie and Berra Bites, super delicious chocolate covered fruit bites! For more Banana Bread recipes, click here! 


  • 1 CompletEats Banana Bread cookie
  • 1 handful of Berra Bites
  • 1 pint of ice cream, your choice! (we used Re:THINK ice cream)
  • Rainbow sprinkles


1. After letting the ice cream soften up after taking it out of the freezer, scoop a few (or a lot) of ice cream into a bowl.

2. Cut up the Banana Bread cookie into bite-sized pieces and put on top of the ice cream.

3. Top it off with Berra Bites and rainbow sprinkles. Enjoy!

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