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6 Fun Things to Do This Fourth of July

Independence Day is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start planning the perfect holiday. If weather permits, July 4th is a great day to get outdoors and celebrate with family, friends, and good food. To give you some ideas of exciting activities, here’s a list of 6 fun things to do this fourth of July!


There’s no better way to spend a hot summer day than laid out under the sun surrounded by good food and drink, and even better company. A picnic is the perfect way to celebrate July the fourth, and gives you the opportunity to invite friends and family outside to catch up and enjoy nice weather. Fresh fruit, cold drinks, and savory snacks are all perfect additions to a summer picnic, but as long as you bring a cooler, the options are endless.


Picture Credit: Lee Myungseong

Grill Out

Grilling out is a staple of Independence Day, and can be enjoyed by everyone. Burgers, sausages, and barbeque are great options if you eat meat. If you’re plant-based or vegetarian, there’s a ton of incredible veggie burgers and sausages to ensure you won’t miss out. Additionally, add some veggie skewers, a seasoned head of cauliflower, or balsamic glazed tomatoes onto the grill to brighten up your meal. You can even grill peaches to eat with ice cream for dessert!

grill out

Picture Credit: Hulki Okan Tabak

Fruit Picking

July is the perfect time to travel to a local fruit farm because of the abundance of in season fruits during the summer. Not only will it be a fun activity to get out of the house and be surrounded by sweet smelling fruit trees, but the fruit that you harvest will taste incredible at its peak freshness. Additionally, in the summer months, there’s a huge number of fruits that are in season and ready to be harvested. Though it differs by state (check out this seasonal guide by state here) some examples of commonly in season fruits in early July are peaches, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and nectarines. For even more fun, use your harvested fruit to make jam, cobbler or cake when you get home!

fruit picking

Picture Credit: Paige Cody

Outdoor Movie

If you have a projector and some open space outside, an amazing way to wind down at the end of Independence Day is to set up an outdoor movie. Find a grassy area to put down blankets and pillows, and set up your projector to face either a wall of your house, a fence, or some other structure. If you have a blow up pool, try putting the blankets and pillows inside for even more comfort! Finally, don’t forget to prep some snacks like popcorn or nachos to fully set the scene.

outdoor movie

Picture Credit: Derek Sutton

Go to a Pool

Whether you have a pool yourself, or there’s a pool nearby you can go to, a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July is to cool off after enjoying the hot weather. Make sure to bring floaties and cold drinks with you! If you aren’t able to access a pool, planning a water balloon or water gun fight can also be a great way to cool off.

swimming pool

Picture Credit: Dayso

Bake Indoors

If the weather is threatening to harm your plans outside, don’t fret! Another great activity for the Fourth of July is baking indoors. Spend the day trying out a new recipe and impress your family and friends with your skills. Cherry pie, strawberry shortcake, or peach cobbler are great desserts to make on Independence Day, but if you’re looking to make something more patriotic, try making a red, white and blue cake with different colored berries and cream.

bake indoors

Picture Credit: Sorin Gheorghita

Another way to find fun activities for Fourth of July is to check out what local events are happening! This is a great way to find free concerts, community runs or bike rides, fireworks shows or even local barbeques. Regardless of what activities you plan, the best way to ensure this Independence Day is memorable is to make sure you’re surrounded by people you love (and food you love can’t hurt either!)

By: Aislinn McGonagle

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