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How to Give Back and Celebrate Thanksgiving While Staying Safe

From our neighbors, friends and family, to those who need the most support now- this holiday season will require all hands on deck for all of our communities. Being able to fulfill our usual holiday celebrations and gatherings won’t be as straightforward, especially for those in circumstances where loved ones need to stay isolated. 

The holiday season also brings us together by reminding us to be grateful for what we have, and to give to those in need. Even though the “new normal” looks like is here to stay, below are some ideas to still celebrate during the holiday season:


  • Send care packages to loved ones: Who doesn’t love to open their door to a new delivery? If you want to let somebody know you’re thinking of them, sending them some new products- or even some of their favorites, is guaranteed to be effective.

Thanksgiving care package

Photo Credits:  Pinterest

    • Car parades and drive-in events: Safe and effective way to host an event or see your friends. From concerts and movies to hitting the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree browsing, this is such an easy way to ensure social distancing. You can even have your thanksgiving gatherings like this!

      Car Parade
      Photo Credits:


      • Make extra and give it away: While you’re at it, why not bake an extra pie for your neighbor? Maybe an extra batch of cookies for your local nursing home or hospital staff?  Everyone loves pie & cookies!

        Give a Pie
        Photo Credits: Growing Some Roots

        • Donate your time: Most of us probably never think about the difference between donating our excess items and our time. Many places are understaffed and if it is safe, donating your time could end up being more valuable than that pile of old shirts you’re planning on dropping off!


        Photo Credits: NC Coalition for Fiscal Health

        • Food exchange: this idea is not new but is so perfect for the circumstances. Organizing an exchange could be the easiest solution for everybody’s holiday meal needs. Each person makes several of the same dish, and everybody exchanges, with the necessary precautions of course. Then, you all have an entire dinner ready without having to whip up numerous dishes.

          Safe food exchange
          Photo Credits: NY Times

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